and if you don t, it s your fault that I m destroying your country, killing your families and raping your wives. How come Asians aren t overrepresented on welfare. I love how it all goes back to whitey s fault. 6) Poverty doesn t cause crime, it s merely one antecedent. More of them should milk the system (it s a shame so few do) Niggers are overrepresented on welfare because they are a minority. I ll take Otis Redding over Skrewdriver any day as would most civilized humans :o) Now nigger defenders are stating that niggers are more entertaining in comedy and music. W tym dziale znajdziesz odpowiedz na swoje pytanie, a twoje poszukiwania wkoncu sie skonczÄ…. Arabs and Hispanics perform similar to blacks. Where did you get your psychology degree from. Why don t niggers try something new, something unique, something never tried before: GET OFF YOUR LAZY BLACK ASSES AND CLEAN UP YOUR ACT AND GET A FUCKING JOB.

By the way, over 90% of all interracial crime is commited by blacks against whites. The links clearly prove that sub saharan niggers were not Egyptians.     Here s a typical argument by nigger defenders, they try to pass off their opinions or guesses as facts. you gain all your glory not by your own accomplishments (you have none) but on the backs of those that lived before you who you happen to share ancestry with. Whereas I posted FBI Statistics that clearly state:. I also know some retards that sing Tele Tubby songs and consider that the height of entertainment too. 4) Yes blacks commit disproportionately more crime arguments on interracial dating. You can not guess you have to be factually accurate. Take a stats 101 course for the other stuff you re missing in the equation - or just use common sense. You see niggers making it while you wallow alone, meek, afraid, and feeling powerless.

haha And you even admit that genes play a role in IQ s. This nonsense that I should post my name and address or I m hiding or weak is ridiculous and used by people who have no argument other than to attack me or try to blackmail me in an attempt to censor the truth. haha And I m sure niggers and nigger defenders like you are sitting around listening to rap and consider it better entertainment..
. (notice how he slips in the personal attack by claiming that I live in a trailer. It s hard to decifer the nigger babble above. My guess is that you don t own the place where you reside. But that is typical of nigger lovers, you feel that you are so right that you feel justified in adjusting and modifying information to make it fit into your unrealistic opinions about niggers. No actually, Arabs and Hispanics score higher than niggers. ..


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